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What types of cleaning are there?

What types of cleaning are there?

When ordering professional cleaning services, clients set different tasks. Someone wants to save themselves the trouble of a regular routine, someone needs to quickly put the apartment in order after going on a vacation. Businesspeople need to keep their offices or production facilities clean on a regular basis. Let us consider the existing types of and highlight their special aspects. This information will help you when choosing the right type of cleaning to achieve the task set.

One time cleaning

Allows you to keep the rooms in perfect condition at all times. This service is particularly in demand for private homes, offices, cafes, and other institutions with heavy traffic.

This type of cleaning includes:

  • removal of dust from all surfaces, equipment and electronic devices;
  • washing mirrors and glass partitions;
  • dry and wet floor treatment;
  • cleaning window sills and pipes;
  • bathroom accessories disinfection.

Depending on the type of premises, the list of works may vary. Daily cleaning of offices and production facilities is usually carried out in the morning (before the start of the working day) or in the evening time (after the work shift).

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Regular cleaning

This type of cleaning is necessary to remove local dirt. It is carried out with a certain frequency, for example, 1-3 times a week, depending on the client’s needs. During the cleaning process, our specialists:

  • vacuum and wash floor coverings;
  • remove dirt from surfaces at human height;
  • put mirrors and glass elements in order;
  • vacuum upholstered furniture;
  • disinfect bathroom accessories;
  • remove stains with professional cleaning agents.

By agreement with the client, cleaning can also include washing dishes, changing bed linen, washing and ironing clothes.

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Deep cleaning

The types of cleaning listed above allow to remove visible dirt. The main purpose of general cleaning is to achieve perfect order in your home or office, to remove dust even in the places that are most inaccessible. Depending on the type of premises and the preferences of the client, such cleaning is carried out on a monthly or a quarterly basis.

All types of general cleaning include the following works:

  • dust removal with a vacuum cleaner and a steam generator;
  • cleaning shelves, drawers, furniture facades, office equipment, electronic devices and other items of the interior;
  • washing chandeliers, wall sconces, mirrors, glass structures;
  • removal of complex and old stains;
  • washing doors, handles and window sills;
  • removal of dirt and stains from the surface of pipes and ventilation grilles;
  • washing tiles and cleaning of the seams in the bathroom;
  • removal of rust and lime scale;
  • disinfection of the bathroom.

By agreement with the client, our specialists can help with garbage disposal after cleaning.

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Post-construction cleaning

In addition to these main three types of cleaning carried out on a regular basis, cleaning companies offer a range of post-renovation and construction services. They are aimed at eliminating accumulation of specific dirt that cannot be cleaned with ordinary household chemicals.

During cleaning, stains and streaks of paint, traces of glue, remains of lime and adhesive tape are removed. Professionals select effective cleaning compounds that do not damage finishing materials or cause harm to human health. This type of cleaning allows to eliminate construction dust penetrating into all the cracks in a room during renovation works.

The list of works also includes:

  • washing glass and mirrors;
  • floor treatment and polishing;
  • disinfection of bathroom equipment;
  • cleaning of lamps;
  • cleaning of household appliances;
  • removal of large construction debris.

During post-renovation cleaning, specialists bring industrial vacuum cleaners to the site. In addition, this type of apartment cleaning involves the use of steam generators to remove dirt in hard-to-reach places.

Cleaning after unforeseen situations: fire, flooding, sewer breakage—are placed in a separate category. In such cases, powerful equipment is used: dryers, water pumps, extractors, ozonizers.

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Types of cleaning by type of work performed

When classifying cleaning services, types and methods of cleaning include the following:

  • Dry cleaning. It is carried out without using water, detergents or cleaning agents. It includes removing cobwebs, dust from the surfaces of furniture and various objects with duster brushs and napkins, wiping equipment, electronic devices, cleaning the floor with a broom or a conventional vacuum cleaner, and careful cleaning of carpets.
  • Wet cleaning. This type of cleaning includes dusting and removing dirt using water-soaked wipes, mopping or vacuuming of floors. To remove stains, special cleaning compounds are used.

Quality cleaning includes both of these types. First, surfaces and items of the interior are treated using the dry cleaning method, and then wet cleaning is carried out.

Types of cleaning by work area

Residential, office and industrial areas require different tools, equipment and detergents. Here, we list the special aspects of the types of cleaning, depending on the type of room.

Residential cleaning

Professional cleaning of apartments and private houses helps people save themselves the trouble of doing household chores, devoting their time to work or leisure. You can order one-time or scheduled cleaning.

Conveniently, the cleaning specialist take into account all the wishes of the client in cooperation. If necessary, they carry out cleaning while the client is at work. In addition, you can order window cleaning or instruct the employee to buy food.

Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning services are provided by specialized companies. This is more cost-effective than hiring full-time cleaning specialists: you pay only for specific tasks, and spend no money on detergents, equipment and consumables. The types of cleaning by type of non-residential premises are as follows:

  • Office cleaning. To ensure the health and comfort of employees and visitors, it is important to clean the premises on a regular basis. The main source of office dust is office equipment, so it is given special attention during cleaning. Cleaning specialists also remove dirt from lamps and household appliances, clean glass elements and mirrors until they shine, wash baseboards, radiators, pipes, remove footprints and fingerprints, take care of cabinet and leather furniture. The list of works includes disinfection of the bathroom equipment, dining room, replacement of consumables and garbage disposal. Various types of cleaning are carried out in office premises: general and maintenance, post-construction and moving cleaning.
  • Medical office cleaning. Cleaning in hospitals and private clinics is aimed at maintaining adherence to health and safety regulations and preventing the spread of infections. In medical institutions, cleaning is performed according to a strict schedule: In the morning, a preliminary cleaning is carried out. It is performed using a disinfectant compound and a bactericidal lamp. Routine cleaning is carried out throughout the day. Employees disinfect equipment, first-aid materials and furniture, wash the floors. At the end of the work, a bactericidal lamp is used to destroy microorganisms. Final cleaning is carried out in the evening, at the end of shift. The list of works includes quartz treatment, disinfection of surfaces, cleaning of floor coverings and walls. General cleaning is done on a weekly basis. The scope of work includes washing of windows, walls, floor coverings, furniture, radiators, door handles and work equipment. The final stage involves using a quartz lamp and re-treatment of surfaces with water. Some of this work can be entrusted to professionals. Cleaning specialists clean clinics and laboratories, while observing the existing standards.
  • Cleaning of enterprises. At the plant and factory facilities, it is important to remove specific contaminants in a timely manner: soot and lampblack accumulate on working equipment and oil stains form in hard-to-reach places. Regular cleaning allows to increase performance and prevent risks to the health of employees. Cleaning methods depend on the type of activity carried out in the organization, sanitary requirements for the premises. For example, metalworking enterprises require specific dust to be consistently removed from working machines in order to avoid equipment breakdown. In the food industry, cleaning of organic contaminants is important. Racks, containers for storing products or semi-finished products are thoroughly washed.
  • Cleaning of territories. In addition to indoors cleaning, private houses and offices need cleaning of the surrounding areas. A clean and tidy plot makes a positive impression on guests and business partners.

What does the cleaning of the territory include depending on the season?

We list the special aspects of cleaning in different months:

  • When the spring begins, the garbage accumulated during the winter season is removed, the external parts of the buildings are set in order, the gutters and drain pipes are cleaned. Sidewalks should also be swept regularly. Lawns are mowed in summer and fallen leaves are removed in autumn.
  • In winter, the snow is dumped from roofs and sidewalks, icicles, icing are removed and anti-icing reagents are used.

A large area needs more than hand tools (rakes, shovels, spades, brooms). To streamline the workflow, cleaning companies use tractors, snowplows, sweepers and sprinklers.

Regular cleaning is essential to keep your home comfortable, increase performance of your business, and reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Useful articles from our blog will help you keep any room in order.

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