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Post construction cleaning in Chicago & Suburbs
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Post construction cleaning
in Chicago & Suburbs

Do you need cleaning after post construction or renovation? Entrust Hard Rock Cleaning with this routine and painstaking work.

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  • We will clean walls, ceilings, window sills, skirting boards and floors from building dust
  • Take out all the trash, remove the film from the surfaces of windows, furniture and floors
  • We will bring all the necessary materials and equipment with us
  • You will be able to deal with more important post-construction issues

What includes post construction cleaning services

Cleaning after repair is carried out before settling. Hard Rock Cleaning specialists remove dust and dirt, wash windows, metal and mirror surfaces, wipe furniture, disinfect. The list of works includes work with kitchen furniture, including washing of internal surfaces.

  • 01. Bedroom(s) cleaning. Dust removal is carried out, all surfaces are wiped, garbage is taken out. Furniture is washed, paint stains, lime and other traces of repair are removed. Household appliances and radiators are wiped.
  • 02. Bathroom cleaning. Washing the shower or bathtub is included, the toilet is cleaned, all plumbing is polished, wall tiles and floors are disinfected and washed from traces of repair.
  • 03. Kitchen cleaning. All surfaces are washed, plumbing is disinfected, furniture facades are washed, household appliances and radiators are wiped.
What includes post construction cleaning

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Three reasons to book post construction cleaning in Chicago area

Post construction cleaning is a special type of cleaning that involves more cleaning products and tools. We have everything we need at our disposal.

  • 01. Safe and effective cleaning materials. We use high-quality cleaning products that do not corrode surfaces, do not cause allergies, are environmentally friendly, but at the same time cope even with old, stubborn dirt.
  • 02. Post-repair tool kit. To remove traces of glue, grout, putty and paint, we use specially prepared tools from brushes, scrapers and sponges.
  • 03. Quality assurance. Cleaning after repair in our company is a professional work performed taking into account all the nuances of the premises and the wishes of the client.
Three reasons to book post construction cleaning

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Why post construction cleaning is needed

The repair is completed and, it would seem, the end of the hassle. However, there is still a lot of work ahead of cleaning all the premises! At the same time, it is very important not to spoil the new coatings, to clean the windows from dirt and to get rid of old materials. Such issues can be easily resolved by contacting Hard Rock Cleaning. Our cleaning company will promptly clean your apartment or house after renovation at the best price.

Post-repair cleaning work requires a thorough approach. Material residues, stains of paint, glue or other consumables, dust and dirt are not compatible with living! This is not aesthetically pleasing, does not create a complete picture of renovation after repair and is harmful to health.

Unlike household cleaning, professional cleaning takes less time, but the quality of the final work is many times higher. This is due to the fact that in our work we use only professional equipment, safe consumables and new accessories for cleaning surfaces. For consultation and calculation of the cost of services, contact us!

Post construction cleaning in Chicago & Suburbs