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Common area cleaning
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Common area

Contact the Hard Rock Cleaning agency and common area cleaning will no longer be so difficult and time-consuming process. We will take care of the cleanliness of office premises instead of you!

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  • We start cooperation and carry out the first cleaning according to the agreed schedule
What functions do we perform and how do we do it

We provide all types of cleaning services for such office premises:

  • 01. common areas,
  • 02. corridors, lobbies, reception areas,
  • 03. entrances and staircases.

Cleaning services for office premises are carried out by us according to an agreed schedule. This can be a daily, 24/7, weekly or one-time service, in the morning or evening, depending on your situation.

We always provide high-quality cleaning services for office and other types of premises, using specialized cleaning and detergents, equipment and specialists.

Common area cleaning | HardRockCleaning.Com

Would you like to order a common area cleaning service? Let's discuss it and make a preliminary calculation of the cost

Common area cleaning by Hard Rock Cleaning

Keeping the common area clean is a time-consuming task. But we are capable of any task, whether it is daily or general cleaning. Our team has extensive practical experience, thanks to which we provide services of high quality and promptly.

When ordering common area cleaning from us, you no longer have to:

  • maintain a huge team of cleaning staff on a permanent basis;
  • spend money on suitable detergents and specialized equipment;
  • worry about maintaining cleanliness and creating comfortable conditions.

We carry out cleaning work according to the schedule agreed with the client, whether it is a daily, weekly or one-time service.

Contact us now via the contact form or call (847) 922-2550.

Common area cleaning