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Office cleaning in Chicago
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Office cleaning
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Office cleaning services ⚡ Chicago & Suburbs, Illinois. Our service area North, West, Central, Northwest, Southwest, South Side. For the best prices contact us today.

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Types of office cleaning services

Professional cleaning in the office is not only surface cleaning, but also maintenance of office equipment, carpets, and furniture. We offer you the best office cleaning in Chicago! To ensure cleanliness in offices, our company offers the following services:

  • daily cleaning of offices;
  • maintenance cleaning of offices (performed 1-2 times a week);
  • general cleaning of offices (performed in agreement with the client);
  • cleaning after repair (performed in agreement with the client).

When performing work on any type of cleaning, depending on the volume, dirt level, clutter of the premises, we select both the optimal composition of the team and the list of detergents, cleaning products and equipment. You can be sure that after the completion of the work, your office will be clean and fresh.

Office cleaning services Chicago, Illinois

Would you like to order a office cleaning service? Let's discuss it and make a preliminary calculation of the cost

Basic office cleaning for one time

Professional cleaning shows always a better result. No dust on furniture, stains on polished surfaces and upholstery. A nice smell of cleanliness and a generally parade-like appearance of the office is always needed. Professional one-time office cleaning in Chicago can help bring back cleanliness. What types of work are included in one-time cleaning:

  • safe removal of dust from the surface of office equipment;
  • dry and wet cleaning, depending on the characteristics of the office;
  • cleaning up all the trash in the garbage cans and replacing the bags;
  • separate sanitary cleaning of the toilet and dining area.

One-time office cleaning is designed to bring the room back to its original state to bring comfort back to your staff. Call us now at (847) 922-2550 to discuss details.

Basic office cleaning for one time | HardRockCleaning.Com

Would you like to order a basic office cleaning service? Let's discuss it and make a preliminary calculation of the cost

Regular office cleaning is the best solution
for any business

The office of any company determines its status and presentability. The very first and strongest impression of the company is formed in the visitor as soon as he crossed the threshold. The office should always look like after repairs, so it is important to pay close attention to its cleanliness. Achieve cleanliness and order is possible by ordering an office cleaning service in Chicago IL from our cleaning company.

The main goal of a comprehensive approach from professionals is to maintain cleanliness. Do not let dust, debris, or nasty stains appear in your office. The office cleaning service includes the following types of routine work:

  • care of office furniture, including leather furniture;
  • removal of all kinds of stains from floors, tables and furniture;
  • maintenance of the cleanliness of glass and polished surfaces;
  • cleaning designed to cope with dust in the office space;
  • regular cleaning of the office with a disinfectant.

We will consider any of your suggestions for office cleaning. We will come on a one-time call or sign a contract and will regularly clean at a convenient time for you - in the evening, in the morning before work or on weekends. We have an affordable price and professional staff trained in all standards of cleanliness. Thanks to us you will save time and get first class office cleaning service.

Regular office cleaning Chicago, Illinois

Would you like to order a regular office cleaning service? Let's discuss it and make a preliminary calculation of the cost

Deep office cleaning near you in Chicago area

First of all, this type of cleaning involves more work and requires much more time. It is used twice a year or after a particularly large-scale celebration. As a rule, deep cleaning of offices allows you to return them to their original appearance, just renovated premises. Deep office cleaning includes the following list of works:

  • cleaning and disinfection of the sanitary unit and the food preparation area;
  • cleaning of office furniture, removal of separate stains;
  • removing dust from hard-to-reach places;
  • window cleaning inside;
  • cleaning of lighting fixtures;
  • cleaning of flooring, stain removal;
  • the final discarding of all trash in all garbage cans.

A deep office cleaning service is also needed after repairs or after replacing some office equipment. Call us now at (847) 922-2550 to discuss details.

Office cleaning near me Chicago area | HardRockCleaning.Com

Would you like to order a deep office cleaning service? Let's discuss it and make a preliminary calculation of the cost

The best prices of office cleaning services in Chicago

  • For regular cleaning we offer an individual plan and personal discount
  • Base cost of 1 cleaner $55 per 1 hour
  • Minimum order $110
  • Opening hours 7:00-19:00 Mon-Sun
The best prices of office cleaning services in Chicago

Each client gets a discount for regular cleaning!
Find out the cost of cleaning right now

Office cleaning features

Even in a small office, there is usually a lot of equipment, computers, cabinets with documentation, so during cleaning you need to act in such a way as not to damage such items. A large number of documents leads to the accumulation of paper dust, which provokes allergies. And due to the flow of visitors, dirt from the street constantly gets into the room, which is especially critical if the floors are covered with carpet. In addition, upholstered furniture in the reception area needs regular cleaning, otherwise it will look untidy and quickly lose its appearance.

Our specialists can easily cope with such a volume of work without missing a single corner and shelf. Depending on the type of cleaning, we perform the following functions:

  • carefully remove dust from all surfaces, including equipment;
  • wash glass and mirror surfaces, as well as lighting devices;
  • clean all upholstered furniture;
  • carry out wet cleaning of the floor and clean the floor coverings;
  • take out the garbage from the bins and baskets;
  • carry out cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms.
Best office cleaners by Hard Rock Cleaning

Would you like to carry out a office cleaning? Let's discuss it and make a preliminary calculation of the cost

Office cleaning in Chicago of any complexity

The office is the face of the company, because you can meet not only employees there, but also partners and customers from time to time. It is pleasant to work and solve business issues in a clean, tidy room, a neat environment increases the loyalty of visitors and strengthens the positive reputation of the company. That is why it is so important to do general and maintenance cleaning of the office on a regular basis.

Taking into account the area and features of office premises, such work requires specialists who will not only remove dirt and dust, but will also do it carefully and professionally. This is exactly what our employees do. Thanks to our experience and skills, office cleaning in Chicago area will be simple, convenient and unobtrusive.

Office cleaning in Chicago

What types of office cleaning can I order from Hard Rock Cleaning?

We offer clients different formats of cooperation. For example, you can order a one-time employee visit or request office cleaning service for a fixed period of time (month, six months, year). We take a personal approach to each client, in strict compliance with his requirements and wishes.

What is the difference between regular office cleaning and deep cleaning?

Supportive cleaning of offices is carried out regularly and includes taking out the trash, washing the floor, removing dust from surfaces, cleaning the plumbing, kitchen, break room. Deep office cleaning is needed when regular cleaning is no longer enough - when you move, after the holidays. When you need to remove stubborn stains from furniture, floors, wash windows, light fixtures, move furniture to remove dust from hard-to-reach places.

What office cleaning discounts does Hard Rock Cleaning provide for repeat customers?

For regular customers there is a personal discount. You can calculate the cost of office cleaning and individually discuss discounts on cleaning with Hard Rock Cleaning managers when ordering services. We are always happy for long-term cooperation and we are going to meet the needs of regular customers.

How can I order company's office cleaning service?

To place an order for office cleaning in Chicago area you need to contact the manager of our company. To do this, there is a telephone contact or a feedback form on the website. After clarifying the details, a team will be sent to the specified address for cleaning.

Why Trusting Professional Companies for Office Cleaning is Better?

The cleanliness and shine achieved through office cleaning create a warm atmosphere that promotes staff productivity and enhances the company's image. Tidying up is a lengthy procedure, demanding considerable effort and the hiring of trained personnel by organizations. That's why it's much simpler to book comprehensive office cleaning services in Chicago from a professional company. HardRockCleaning offers a range of services for maintaining cleanliness and order in the office. We offer various forms of collaboration, allowing you to choose a convenient option for regularly servicing your office. Hiring a cleaning company is an opportunity to save resources and focus on core activities.