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Medical office cleaning in Chicago & Suburbs, IL
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Medical office cleaning
in Chicago & Suburbs, IL

Cleaning is carried out using hypoallergenic cleaners with disinfectant properties. Book your medical office cleaning now!

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  • cleaning is carried out taking into account the specifics of the medical organization
  • we work according to the agreed plan in the allotted time
  • there is strict adherence to sanitary standards
  • we carry out general and ongoing cleaning

Types of medical office cleaning

  • 01. regular cleaning: removing dust and dirt, treating surfaces with a disinfectant solution, taking out garbage and processing urns, washing and disinfecting bathrooms;
  • 02. general cleaning of medical premises: complete cleaning and processing of the premises, including lighting fixtures, windows, equipment;
  • 03. one-time cleaning of medical premises - if the regular cleaning lady falls ill or you want to make sure of the quality of our services.

General cleaning of the treatment room is different from the daily cleaning of the office of a highly specialized doctor. Our employees take into account the specifics of each room and act according to specially developed algorithms. Not a single detail will be left without attention.

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Standards of medical office cleaning

General cleaning of medical offices or daily work to maintain their order require compliance with certain standards:

  • 01. Compliance with periodicity. According to the regulations, scheduled cleaning of medical centers and other similar institutions should be carried out at least once every 30 days, and in some rooms, processing should be done more often;
  • 02. The use of specialized tools. The set of contaminants in medical institutions is specific and we select compounds that will cope with them with a guarantee;
  • 03. Perfect sterility. We pay maximum attention to compliance with safety standards and sterility of the premises.
Medical office cleaning services | HardRockCleaning.Com

Would you like to carry out a medical office cleaning? Let's discuss it and make a preliminary calculation of the cost

Professional medical office cleaning in Chicago area

To restore cleanliness in medical offices, it is not enough to wash the floor and wipe the dust. It is required to thoroughly clean skirting boards, lighting fixtures, cabinets and other hard-to-reach places. To achieve the best result when cleaning medical rooms, we use special cleaning products of proven brands.

Cleaning in medical institutions is complicated by a large number of fragile items, tools and expensive equipment. All this requires accuracy and care when cleaning. We vouch for their safety during cleaning.

Medical facilities in Chicago are always full of visitors, and cleaning is required throughout the day. Our employees undergo special training, their presence is tactful and unobtrusive, so they will not embarrass patients.

When ordering medical office cleaning, you can use a specially designed set of works, or independently determine the tasks for the cleaners.

Medical office cleaning in Chicago & Suburbs, IL