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How Often Does a House Need to Be Cleaned?

How Often Does a House Need to Be Cleaned?

Everyone has their own opinion about how often they should clean their house. Due to a heavy workload or a busy schedule, many women spend their time cleaning when they have extra time and energy, not when it is needed.

The frequency of house cleaning is very individual, because some people go crazy if they see a speck of dust on the carpet, and others think that their house is clean until lumps of dust start rolling in the corners. When deciding on the frequency of cleaning your home, remember that cleanliness is a prerequisite for the good health of your family.

Frequency of Cleaning Depends on the Particular Features of Your Home

How often does a house need to be cleaned? It is difficult to set a single cleaning schedule, because it will depend on a variety of factors: the number of people living in it, the season, the presence of pets. In some homes, it is enough to wipe the dust and vacuum once a week, and a house with small children needs a daily wet cleaning.

In addition, there are places and common areas that are not influenced by the number of people living in the house. It has been estimated by scientists that the number of pathogens reaches a critical level in the bathroom after thirty uses, in the shower after fourteen uses, and that's even if they are wiped every time after use. The rug by the front door is another “dangerous” place in the house. Just count the traffic in your house — it needs to be cleaned after 30-50 uses, depending on the season. Attention should be paid to the stove and sink when cleaning; they should be cleaned daily. Did you know that dishwashing sponges often have more germs living on them than the rim of the toilet bowl? They should be replaced more often or washed after four uses.

Should I Clean Often?

There is an opinion that if you clean more often, everything will be cleaner. However, cleaning professionals believe that this opinion is wrong. Excessive cleaning of houses and apartments negatively affects the condition of furniture, floor coverings, carpets, veneers and some other finishes, expensive parquet requires very careful treatment, it poorly tolerates contact with any moisture.

It's important to know: The dust in a house is made up of 70 percent dead human skin cells. So the more you shower and “scrape” dead skin off your body, the less dust you will have to clean inside your house and the less often you will have to do it.

For less frequent cleaning, make use of modern detergents that will shorten the time you spend cleaning your home and save you energy. Or you can always turn to the professionals at Hard Rock Cleaning for help, who know exactly which cleaning products work best for you.

When Daily Cleaning is Required

There are situations where cleaning your residence requires more effort. How often should you clean your home if you have furry pets, a cat or a dog? To prevent pet hair on the floor or sofa upholstery from triggering allergies in your loved ones, you need to do wet cleaning three to four times a week, and thoroughly clean carpets and floor coverings of dirt brought in by your pets from the street. Despite regular wet cleaning, it is best to dry-clean upholstered furniture at least once every two to three months.

It is said that cleaning a house or apartment while the children are small is like cleaning the roof during a snowfall. But when you have a small child in your home, a thorough daily wet cleaning using safe detergents is essential for their health. Remember to ventilate the house regularly, because children's immunity is not yet strong enough, so they react badly to allergens and other irritants.

In summer, during hot weather, windows are wide open, letting dust and fluff enter the house, as well as heavy metals from exhaust gases to settle on the curtains. When the temperature is high, germs and dust mites multiply rapidly and their toxins poison the air.

Remember, no matter how tired you are from work, regular cleaning of your house is essential — not only does it allow you to live in comfort, but it also keeps you healthy. This is why you should never disregard regular cleaning in a room where you spend a lot of time.

Hard Rock Cleaning is on Guard of Cleanliness and Health

No matter how often you clean your home, there are always people who handle this task professionally, as quickly and efficiently as possible. By contacting Hard Rock Cleaning at least a few times a year, you will feel the amount of free time you will have.

Representatives of our cleaning company use specialized equipment and materials, effective and safe cleaners and detergents for cleaning your home. You will feel that there is less dust in the house, and the upholstery of soft furniture, treated with protective agents, will not have pet hair on it.

Professional cleaning by Hard Rock Cleaning staff makes even the humblest apartment or house look refreshed and very attractive. Contact us now!

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