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How dry cleaning of sofas and upholstered furniture can help

How dry cleaning of sofas and upholstered furniture can help

Dry cleaning of sofas and upholstered furniture will help to restore color, remove unpleasant odors and irritating dirt.

Sofa cleaning functions

Removal of contaminants

During the process foam treatment is used. The cleaning agent penetrates the upholstery fabric. Then, together with impurities, it comes out and solidifies in the form of foam.

This method can be applied directly on site and does not require transportation of upholstered furniture to the cleaning site.
In professional dry cleaning of sofas, a specific composition is selected for each type of old stain or that one, which is difficult.

Removing bad odors

Many odors are eliminated at the foaming stage. But the most persistent ones, for example, those which were made by pets, are not easy to remove.
In this case wet deep processing is required. The advantage of the method is effective work with old stains and odor sources.

Return of freshness and brightness of color

The upholstery after treatment becomes cleaner and has a pleasant refreshing aroma. The color becomes brighter due to the elimination of dust and dirt. Unfortunately, a sofa that has faded from time to time can no longer be made bright again.

Sofa cleaning procedure

The order of operations and the means used during cleaning depend on the specific case. This can only be determined on the spot after analyzing the appearance and indirect signs of the internal state of the furniture upholstery.

The cost of dry cleaning depends on the degree of dirt and the size of the sofa or chair. With regular foam treatment, dirt does not have time to accumulate inside upholstered furniture, in such cases cleaning is cheaper. Also, the use of capes and covers that take on the main mud layer allows you to save money.

You can order a sofa cleaning in Chicago at Hard Rock Cleaning. We will restore the freshness of your upholstered furniture. We can clean up even the most neglected dirt on furniture or carpets.

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