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General cleaning after repair or post construction

General cleaning after repair or post construction

After construction or repair, a huge scope of work appears: indoor cleaning, window washing and much more is needed. Dealing with this on your own is quite troublesome and time-consuming, so a very convenient solution is to contact a cleaning company with specialists in their field.

This is especially beneficial for commercial organizations. Managers know that the premises after repair can be brought into a presentable form quickly and efficiently by ordering cleaning services.

But there are still people who consider such a solution to the issue a waste of money, because you can do everything on your own. They do not know the difference between professional cleaning and independent cleaning. Let's figure it out.

What does post-repair cleaning mean?

  • This is the final stage of repair work. Even if the new interior is made of expensive and prestigious materials, no one will see it under a layer of construction dust. Until the cleanliness of the whole room and the shine of the window pane, the finishing work seems to be unfinished;
  • Order after construction is a longer and more laborious process: you need to collect small construction debris, clean everything from dirt. There are persistent stains from building materials that have fallen on new coatings. There is dust, from which the room is cleaned thoroughly, by millimeters. There is furniture in need of cleaning the entire area. Therefore, cleaning after construction is a whole range of activities.
  • Timely cleaning makes repairs better. All dirt is collected before finishing work and does not get into building mixtures, paint, new coatings, wallpaper, excluding their damage.
  • This is also important when installing furniture. When wet cleaning was carried out earlier, the walls and floors are clean, dirt does not interfere with the fit of furniture surfaces. The installation of the headset is of the highest quality and the furniture functions correctly and for a long time.

Complex of works after repair

  • Washing windows, window frames, window sills, balconies;
  • Removal of construction pollution (adhesive tape, paint, plaster, glue, cement);
  • Cleaning the ceiling, lamps, walls, interior items, sockets, air conditioner from dust. If the coating does not tolerate moisture, then dust is collected only with a high-powered vacuum cleaner.
  • Care of mirrors;
  • Dusting and washing pipes, radiators;
  • Cleaning of upholstered and cabinet furniture, appliances;
  • Washing entrance and interior doors, openings;
  • Processing of toilet and bathroom plumbing;
  • General cleaning of the floor and baseboards.

Experts must take into account the type of coating for the correct selection of the cleaning method. Each material needs its own approach.

Environmental friendliness and safety

Detergents for room care, for removing stubborn dirt, stains are used only certified and tested. These are leaders among professional detergents, which are guaranteed to lead to optimal results and do not adversely affect the health of people and pets.

General recommendations

For the greatest efficiency and speed of cleaning, there are rules applicable for any occasion during office cleaning.

In addition to the workers themselves, putting things in order, there should be no one in the room. The presence of office workers, salespeople or residents distracts the craftsmen and increases the time to complete the work.

The second point: it is not advisable to bring new furniture into the renovated premises before cleaning. Dust can settle on it, it will interfere with cleaning the floor and other surfaces. If the furniture was in the room during the repair, then its subsequent cleaning will significantly increase the total time to put things in order.

Construction and repair take a lot of time, effort and energy. You don't even have to spend it on cleaning. Trust it to professionals. Get fast and high quality results.

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