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Features of House Cleaning with Pets

Features of House Cleaning with Pets

Pets give their owners positive emotions. Children and adults are happy to see the sincerity of a dog, they are touched by a curled up kitten, and they gladly teach parrots to speak. However, keeping pets in an apartment or house is associated not only with pleasant moments — these representatives of domestic fauna actively contaminate the environment because of their physiology and behavior.

First of all, cats, dogs and other pets are constantly losing their hair, which is especially noticeable during moulting periods. It stays on carpets, upholstered furniture, and clothing. Hair and particles of dead animal epidermis are a good nutritive medium for microorganisms. They are also strong allergens.

Remember that 80% of residential dust is of biological origin. Small particles of dead skin and human hair, as well as pet hair, pose a threat to the health of children and adults. Short-haired breeds remain the most troublesome sources of contaminants, since their waste products are less visible and more difficult to remove during cleaning. 

Secondly, even the most cleanly pets are a source of microorganisms and parasites that are dangerous to human health. Toxoplasmosis, ring worm, toxocariasis, and ascariasis are just a few of the diseases that can be transmitted to humans by cats and dogs.

And thirdly, animal feces have a specific odor. Owners may not sense it by force of habit, but a stranger can easily determine the presence of a pet in the house, barely stepping over the threshold.

This means that regular high-quality cleaning of your apartment or house, where tailed or striped friends live, is a matter of prevention of infectious and parasitic diseases and preservation of human health.

How to Clean Your House with Pets Properly

A comprehensive cleaning of the living space you share with your four-legged friends should ensure that pathogenic germs are effectively controlled and unpleasant odors eliminated. How is this done in practice?

Effective hair removal and dust control is a basic component of cleaning a household with pets. A household vacuum will help you clean your linoleum or hardwood floors. If you use a broom, remember to moisten it when sweeping to keep the dust from rising into the air.

Use special brushes when vacuuming carpets and upholstered furniture. This will remove fine hair and dust attached to the pile of the carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function for maximum effect.

Experienced homeowners advise collecting hair from carpets using adhesive tape. To do this, wrap the tape around a bottle with the sticky side on the outside — the tool is now ready for use.

Use disinfectant detergents for wet cleaning to protect yourself and your loved ones from dangerous germs and parasites. Choose modern household products that are approved for use in home environments. Keep in mind that the well-known chlorine is not suitable for apartments since it has a negative effect on humans and animals.

Hard Rock Cleaning uses a combination of disinfectants and probiotic detergents for professional residential cleaning. The former kill dangerous microorganisms on the surfaces being cleaned. The latter contain cultures of beneficial microbes inhibiting the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and fungi in the premises.

Animal droppings on carpets and upholstered furniture are the main cause of persistent unpleasant odors in the home. Moreover, the persistent odor causes the pet to return to the "scene of the crime" over and over again, which can eventually force owners to dispose of the furniture or carpet.

How to clean urine from a couch? Without getting into the specifics of biochemistry, it should be noted that traditional detergents and homemade recipes are ineffective in combating the smell of animal excrement. Your upholstered furniture and carpets need professional cleaning with special chemicals. Hard Rock Cleaning specialists carry it out at the customer's home.

Cleaning of Houses with Pets: Why You Need to Turn to the Professionals

Hard Rock Cleaning specializes in professional cleaning of domestic, public and industrial premises, dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture. Pet owners get the following benefits by coming to us:

  • Hard Rock Cleaning specialists use professional equipment efficiently removing hair and dust from all surfaces. This is especially important for families whose members suffer from allergies.
  • Use of professional detergents ensures that you are protected from dangerous germs. This is achieved by combining disinfectants and probiotics.
  • Use of chemicals and special equipment is the only way to successfully remove pet excrement odor from carpets and upholstered furniture.

By now you've seen that it's cheaper to clean your sofa by using professional products than it is to buy a new one, right?

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