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Common mistakes when cleaning your home

Common mistakes when cleaning your home

Any professional cleaning company will without fail name the typical flaws when cleaning that nullify your efforts, waste time, and sometimes even harm your health. Let us analyze common mistakes made during cleaning, their consequences and the ways to correct them.

Mistakes made when approaching the cleaning process

This include unsystematic, chaotic actions without a though-out plan, haste, ignoring the disinfection of points of dirt.

  • Unsystematic character of any cleaning eats up precious time, while 15-20 minutes a day spent on cleaning will save about 2 hours during the general cleaning of your home, and will also maintain your rooms in order.
  • Chaotic actions, an attempt to tackle several things at once lead to you rushing around the apartment for several hours straight, but with no visible result. Make an action plan and follow it, enlist members of your household to help.
  • Haste does not shorten, but lengthens the cleaning time — the applied products do not have time to work as they should. As a result, you rub, scrub much longer, and the effect is weaker than intended.
  • Ignoring regular disinfection is a health hazard. Pathogenic microbes, dust mites, allergies — they are unavoidable if you do not treat bathrooms, kitchens, door handles, switches, the surface of computer mice and remote controls, keys. Never forget to treat the bed, upholstered furniture, carpets—they are clusters of dust mites. Sterilize sponges, dishcloths — they can be soaked in a special agent or microwaved periodically.
  • Not all household chemicals are capable of destroying harmful microorganisms — fungus, microbes or mites. Some are used to clean, and others—to disinfect. Do not ignore combating disease-causing elements — think of your health.

Incorrect cleaning actions

Some mistakes made in the cleaning process level your efforts, stretching the time. This is premature wet cleaning, followed by dusting, washing of windows in the sun, untimely cleaning of dirt, ignoring the collection of dry garbage and dust.

  • If you wash the floors, and then start cleaning the dust on the surfaces above, part of this dust falls on the freshly washed floor. This is why all the surfaces and areas above the floor are wiped first — from top to bottom, and then you can wash the flooring coverings.
  • An attempt to wash window panes when the sun is shining will result in inevitable whitish streaks that are harder to remove than dirt. As a result, you will spend a lot of more time, but you will not have your windows shining clean. Better wait for the evening or get down to business in the morning when the window is in the shade.
  • It is much easier to remove any local stains immediately — when dried, dirt gets more stubborn and will require a lot of effort and time. Get rid of stains, smudges, dirt, while they are fresh.
  • A typical cleaning mistake is to skip using a broom or a vacuum cleaner and just grab a mop. Large dust, house moss, hair accumulate in the corners, clog under baseboards, sills, door frames. So, dry cleaning is an important step in cleaning the floor.

Tips for proper cleaning from cleaning professionals

Finally, a few invaluable recommendations from master cleaners that will help you save effort and finances.

  • Approach cleaning in a systemic manner, devoting about half an hour every day — this is enough to make the house look neat.
  • Do not accumulate dirty dishes, wash not just plates, forks, spoons and cups, but also cooking utensils, stove, sink.
  • Wipe the kitchen apron, cabinet fronts, hood, wash the filter, microwave oven, bakeoven, refrigerator clean once a week.
  • Flush the toilet with the lid closed whenever possible. Having used the toilet brush, dry it by pressing the lid to drain the water. Only then put it back into the bowl.
  • Wipe the walls of the shower, shelves, misted mirrors, faucet, bathroom or pallet joints with the wall, washbasin dry every time — it takes 5 minutes, but it will make cleaning easier — it will prevent the formation of limescale and mold.
  • Immediately remove stains from the carpet, upholstery — it's much easier and cheaper than ordering an emergency dry cleaner.
  • Ventilate mattresses, pillows, duvets, and machine wash synthetic materials on a regular basis.
  • Have a few sponges for dishes, plumbing, toilet — it is a mistake to use just one for everything.

If cleaning is too much of a chore for you, call a cleaning company and enjoy the spare hours.

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