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Cleaning in summer: TOP 3 essential services for your home

Cleaning in summer: TOP 3 essential services for your home

Did you know that seasons affect the features of cleaning? For example, it is very important to wash windows in the spring, treat with ozone in the fall to combat seasonal diseases, and carry out general cleaning of apartments and houses in the winter.

We are often asked how to keep the house clean in the summer. After all, during the hot season there is more dust, and the heat contributes to the spread of harmful bacteria.

We decided to dedicate a review to the top cleaning procedures for the summer and talk about the features of each. If you want to learn how to keep your house clean during the dustiest and hottest season of the year, this material is for you.

Dry cleaning of furniture and carpets

Upholstered furniture and carpets work like a magnet for dust that enters the house. In summer, the dust content in the air becomes higher, and furniture gets dirty faster:

  • upholstery accumulates dust and dirt;
  • coating gets stained;
  • dust mites appear in accumulations of dust, which can cause allergies;
  • furniture and carpets lose their attractive appearance and fade.

Waiting until your favorite sofa has accumulated so much dust that it will be very difficult to reanimate it is not the right decision. So, a mobile dry cleaner comes in handy, allowing you to keep furniture and carpets clean, even in the dusty summer season.

The cleaning specialist visits the facility, diagnoses contamination, selects the cleaning agent and proceeds to the procedure. Chemicals penetrate deep into the upholstery of furniture, pulling out particles of dust and dirt. The process takes several hours. Soon you can enjoy relaxing on your updated sofa after a hot day again.

At Hard Rock Cleaning, we clean both upholstered and leather furniture. Read more about the furniture cleaning service.

Regular basic cleaning

It is very important to maintain cleanliness in the house, remove dust from the floor and surfaces, and carry out wet cleaning of the premises. In summer, this helps prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the house and keep the rooms naturally cool.

Regular cleaning is a great solution for the summer season, which does a great job of keeping your home clean and tidy. The service includes:

  • dust removal of vertical and horizontal surfaces;
  • wet cleaning of floor coverings, shelves and niches;
  • disinfection of the bathroom equipment and removal of garbage;
  • washing dishes, surface cleaning of furniture in the kitchen;
  • dry cleaning of furniture, floors (with the provision of a vacuum cleaner) and more.

You can find a detailed list of procedures involved in the process of regular basic cleaning service.

We recommend cleaning at least once every 2 weeks. Then your home will shine clean, despite the weather outside.

Washing of windows and facades

In summer, we tend to consider the cleanliness of windows and facades most often. When the spring rains have passed, and dark dusty streaks remain on the windows and facades, they beg to be cleaned. And as a result, to give the room more light.

Window washing is a professional service that allows to completely clean glass and frames, eliminate stains, drips and traces of adhesive tape, as well as to remove stubborn stains that could form on frames in winter and spring.

During the procedure, the cleaning specialist washes plastic surfaces, rubber bands and sashes, cleans the window sill and fittings, delicately cleans the glass leaving no streaks. Only professional detergents are used in the work, allowing the windows to shine with cleanliness for a long time.

Washing the facade allows to clean the outer walls from all sorts of contaminants. The service is performed under low or high pressure. The service also includes a thorough cleaning of seams and joints.

You can order window or facade cleaning separately or together with any other service from our partner Window Washing Expert. Read more HERE.

The rooms are perfectly clean with Hard Rock Cleaning

As you can see, dealing with summer dirt in the house is not so difficult when a team of trained professionals comes to the rescue. While you are relaxing in the countryside or after a working day, our specialists will come and bring perfect cleanliness to your home / commercial premises.

Call us to find out more about Hard Rock Cleaning services. The manager will tell you about each type of service, advise on the cost and help determine an effective scheme for maintaining the premises. 

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